Q) Can I have a funeral service for my lost baby?

A) Yes, here at Special Care Foetal Cremations we can offer you the private use of our chapel of rest for you to have your own service with your own ministers/religious leaders present as you wish. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please phone us to discuss your personal requirement.

Q) I’ve heard that it isn’t possible to retain a small miscarried baby’s ashes, is that true?

A) No, with our new patented cremation system we are able to cremate even the first trimester babies lost and retain any ash, no matter how small the amount.

Q) What happens if I lose my baby at home?

A) If you lose your baby at home you can have the cremation casket posted out to you for the next day where, you can place you baby’s remains for either us to collect or for you to bring to our crematorium chapel of rest. Please always seek medical care following a miscarriage.

Q) What happens if I go in to hospital to lose my baby? Can I still take him/her home with me?

A) Yes, you have the right to take your baby’s remains with you under 24 weeks of gestation. If you want to do this and arrange your cremation service from your home that is fine or if you prefer, your hospital should be able to offer to hold your baby there and we can arrange collection directly from your hospital or funeral directors/home if you prefer.

Q) I do not live near Special Care Foetal Cremations, can I still use the services?

A) Yes, Special Care Foetal Cremations will collect your baby from any major town or city in the mainland UK.