Foetal Cremation Services

Here at Special Care Foetal Cremations, Foetal Funeral Services we aim to give the family of all babies lost a choice of goodbyes for their precious little ones, no matter how small the little life.

Still-birth, miscarriage and termination cremation caskets
Still-birth, miscarriage and termination cremation caskets

Our still-birth cremation, miscarriage cremation & termination cremation services includes your baby being placed carefully into a personalised cremation casket with cremation blanket and then being individually cremated in our specialist patented cremator. Your baby’s ashes are then carefully placed into a unique ashes casket of your own design. Each cremated miscarried, still-born or termination baby will be issued with a certificate of cremation detailing the date and time the cremation took place and the signature of the person who carried out the cremation. We feel this is important as babies under 24 weeks gestation are not issued with either a birth or death certificate and this may be your only formal record of your baby.

The ‘Always Loved’ wall of remembrance

When you collect your baby’s ashes you can write a message in the book of remembrance and place a butterfly, rabbit or footprint plaque on the ‘Always Loved’ wall of remembrance. You also have the option, for a small donation, to have a memorial plaque placed in the Miscarriage Associations Charity Garden of remembrance from which 100% of donations go directly to the charity.

There are two options for the still-birth cremation, miscarriage cremation and termination cremation service we offer:

  1. Collection package cremation
    This is where your baby is collected in a personally designed cremation casket from your home or your local funeral directors and taken by our discrete private ambulance to our crematorium. The cremation then takes place and your ashes are prepared for your collection in your personalised ashes casket for your collection or delivery.
  2. Attended cremation
    This is if you would prefer to bring your baby to us where we can arrange a funeral service to your requirements. For this you may wish to bring close family or friends to accompany you and we welcome representatives of any religion to lead your personal service in our specially designed chapel of rest.

Multi-faith, personalised or atheistic cremation services

We wish to offer a Multi-faith cremation service and endeavour to provide religious artefacts of any denomination. We also respect you may prefer an atheistic service which can also be arranged. Please feel free to discuss with us as our only objective is to provide your baby with a dignified farewell and give you as much comfort as possible at this overwhelming sad time.

More information

If you would like to talk to us or have any questions about miscarriage cremation, still-birth cremation or termination cremation, please get in touch