We offer a range of caskets to suit your needs whether you are looking to have your little one cremated or buried. We also offer a wide range of personalised touches to allow you to design your own individual casket suitable for your baby and your family.

Cremation caskets are necessary if you are choosing the cremation option, these are divided into 3 sizes to suit the gestational age of your lost baby. Caskets are made from solid oak or oak veneered and lined in a soft quilted satin in a choice of pale pink, pale blue or ivory and have a co-ordinated cremation blanket to cover your little one. The casket also has an engraved name plate and can be personalised to suit your wishes.

Collection / cremation casket with name engraved wooden veneer.

Suitable for babies lost in the first trimester approximately. These are used inclusive with our cremation services or can be purchased for home use or burial. £10.

Ashes caskets

All cremations done by ourselves guarantee the return of all ashes, no matter how small the baby. Ashes are returned in our specialist ashes caskets made from solid oak with an engraved brass name or date plaque. Ashes are placed into the casket from the underside to leave a sealed neat and tidy finish suitable for displaying your loved one remains. Ashes can easily be removed for scattering by the removal of the screws to the base.

Sleeping angel wrapped in wings ashes urn or memorial, made from ivory resin with an opening at the case to insert ashes.

Approx dimensions 15cm x 9cm. £15.

Ivory resin Teddy Bear urn.

Stands approx. 12cm tall. Opening at the base for ashes. £15.

Burial caskets.

Please see burial page.

Traditional ashes caskets made from solid wood with base opening.

Approx. 10cm x10cm. Personalised with your choice of design, embellishments, engraving, etc. please see the personalisation images and contact us direct with your choices. This type of casket is included as standard with our cremation services and includes engraving. £40.

Engraved images of your choice including pictures and religious symbols.

As well as the colour options for the casket lining and blankets you can also add engraved images of your choice including pictures and religious symbols onto the outside of the wooden caskets. Inside the casket you can choose to add little toys or keepsakes to lay with your baby. All inclusive with casket purchase or cremation.

Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance as we are here to help you

Personalising your casket